Your business is making memories.
rikodi is a fan relationship platform that helps you turn them into strategic assets.

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From the memories of a championship season, that incredible comeback, or a once-in-a-generation player, rikodi leverages fan collections of special emotion-filled moments to give an authentic year-round engagement opportunity.

Connect with your fans via year-round engagement

  • Authentically engage with fans by having them contribute their stories and media that live beyond a game or season
  • Provide a branded digital library for fans to interact with 24/7
  • Share individual game memories or create personalized books for individuals, groups, fans, recruits, major donors and more

Create new revenue assets for your property

  • Offer exciting, new real estate for engaging activations, sponsorships, premium subscriptions, NFTs and more
  • Integrate calls to action on merchandise, ticket sales, and more
  • Repurpose historic digitized assets, social posts, and other tech activations into recurring revenue

Know who is attending your game with deeper fan behavior insights

  • Turn passive spectators into passionate, involved fans
  • Reward and recognize fans for content contributions
  • Integrate “emotional data” into your CRM to know what motivates your fans

We Want to Be A Strategic Player on Your Digital Team

We know you are inundated with numerous technology offerings. However, rikodi was created to generate more than dynamic content — but bottom-line results tied to your business objectives. As built, you can integrate a wide variety of files from your current tech platforms so you can extend the life and value of those vital assets. And that is just the beginning! Let’s talk soon on how rikodi can help you.

A Powerful Solution Created with You in Mind

Team rikodi is proud that we have built a solution based on direct input from your colleagues and industry experts in the global sports industry—plus our founder comes from years of marketing, PR and social media (and a huge sports fan). Our mission is to offer you a fun easy-to-use solution that is relevant to your daily work helping you achieve maximum fan relationships, reliable revenue opportunities and future digital relevance. Contact us today to learn more.

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