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The connections we have in life are based on family ties or bonds with special friends made through shared experiences. We all love re-telling a good story, discussing a compelling legacy or recalling a cherished memory. That's why rikodi exists. We offer a simple, fun experience to create content that captures these moments and memories in a unique way that allows for the full perspective to be preserved and re-lived for years to come.

Friends don't let friends post alone. Collaborate together on rikodi.

(What does "rikodi" mean? It's a Swahili term for "record" or "preserve".)


A New Day for Fan Engagement

Let the great experiences you create live on through collaborative content.

Make your social content not only more engaging but create exciting stories that keep people coming back for more. You can license the rikodi platform for your brand, sports team, celebrity client or music group.

It's a perfect complement to your current social platforms and gives you another strategic channel to leverage multi-media content to turn all followers into brand storytellers throughout the year.


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