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rikodi turns those memories into greater engagement, better data and new revenue.

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Maximize the Value of
Fan Relationships

Increase year-round engagement

  • Sustain longer engagements by creating emotional content that can be re-lived
  • Strengthen community through multimedia UGC that lives on year-round
  • Build a network of content creators who offer a true authentic connection
  • Leverage an expansive rewards system for valuable offers in-game or offseason

Create new revenue assets 

  • Offer exciting activations for sponsors that live on for months
  • Create a variety of digital collectibles featuring your fans
  • Enhance ROIs on calls to action for merchandise, ticket sales, and more
  • Monetize historic assets, social posts, and other content into recurring revenue

Gain more valuable useful fan data

  • Transform passive spectators into passionate, involved fans
  • Improve “emotional data” to give a clearer 360 view of your fans
  • Analyze interactions from rewards platform to help boost sponsor ROI
  • Identify your super fans locally or across the globe

Control a positive digital experience

  • Produce more direct engagement without outside interference or trolls
  • Support a positive community where your fans want to spend more time
  • Maximize content reach without restrictive algorithms
  • Complement your current social strategy and platforms

Our Story

rikodi was built by award-winning sports marketing professionals to deliver better content, deeper insights, and more revenue.

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Built for You

We listened to hundreds of front-line pros in digital marketing, ticketing, sponsorship and more. We are client-driven.

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We value the work you do and the goals you need to achieve. 

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We are a strategic partner that understands your business and supports your success 24/7/365.

Couple standing at homeplate
Andrew Naugher
CEO and Founder

H&R Block, Hallmark Cards Inc., Applebee's, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Favorite Memory: Proposing to my girlfriend at home plate Fenway Park.

Group of people standing in front of banners
Darryl Haberman

National Hockey League,
MLB Advanced Media, Disney+

Favorite Memory: My son's first hockey game featured a meet & greet with Islanders icons from their dynasty years.

Two people sitting on golf course
Caitlin Moyer
Client Strategy

Milwaukee Brewers, PGA, Green Bay Packers, Indiana Pacers

Favorite Memory: Attending a Masters practice round with my dad in 2012.

1999 All-Star Game Logo
Ken Troupe
Business Development

Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Atlanta Braves, NY Giants

Favorite Memory: Watching Ted Williams throw out the first pitch at 1999 All-Star Game.

Greg Bates

Coca-Cola, Qualcomm
Cisco, AMP LLC (exit to AT&T)

Favorite Memory: Attending the 2004 Super Bowl to see my Eagles play the Patriots.

Why Your Peers
Want rikodi

It's an exciting time for innovation in the global sports and entertainment industries. We believe in rikodi's focus on a more dynamic, collaborative experience for all fans and to help teams, leagues and athletes create stronger relationships, better data and more revenue.

Headshot of Amy McLane

Amy McLane

Former Communications Executive, Dallas Stars; Texas Rangers; AT&T Cotton Bowl

The rikodi team is on a mission to change how memories are created and kept by users on a large scale. I see the potential for the platform both in sports as well as on a general level. Look forward to seeing the company progress and assisting with its growth.

Headshot of Sam Li

Sam Li

Former Vice President, NBA
General Partner, Ludis Capital

As a fan engagement tool, rikodi will leverage the emotional connection that builds fan loyalty and captures fan memories along with digital data. It will be revolutionary for the industries in which I work.

Headshot of Ruby Newell-Legner

Ruby Newell-Legner

CEO, 7-Star Service
Award-Winning Fan Engagement Consultant

This is such a fun way to share stories from sporting events, family reunions, parties and more! Especially when you discover photos and videos you have never seen before. To be able to share those memories with others who have the same passion for their favorite sports teams and is invaluable.

Headshot of Tammy

Tammy Boclair

VP, Alday Public Relations
Vanderbilt, LSU, PGA
Hall of Fame Member, CoSIDA

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